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NUTRICOSMET-Beauty From Within

Beauty From Within
Vitality of the Sea for Your Beauty
The World′s Finest Selection of Pure, All Natural
and Eco-Friendly Marine-Based Supplements

Premium Oyster Powder
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil
Wild Organic Seaweed Fucorich®-Fucoidan

Nutrilys Del Mar′s Exclusive

The French and Swiss Experience

Clinically tested in France and in Swiss Clinics since 1995.
The world′s finest selection of marine-based supplements for Beauty from Within.
Take our products in a complementary approach for better results.
Take advantage of the ″caviar″ of marine extracts, precious fish oils, micro and macroalgae, and shellfish...
They all work together the way Nature intended and
we are confident your body will recognize it!

Nature Made It, We Bring It to You

Health Benefits

Protect your skin against aging
- Oxidative damage prevention*
- Skin hydration*
- Collagen and Elastin production*
- Boosts skin's natural defenses against sun damage while improving skin elasticity, healthy glow and prolonging your tan*
- Soothing and smoothing sensitive skin from inside*

Energize your hair mass
Decreases hair mass loss and dull, limp, thin, lacklustre hair*

Get beautiful, strong and healthy nails
In case of weak, brittle nails*

Other Health Benefits

- Reduces stress *
- Bones health*
- Increases sexual desire*

Look Good, Feel Good

"In a market overloaded with mediocre nutritional supplements,
Nutrilys Del Mar's marine-based products rise high above the rest in quality,efficiency, and with respect to the environment."

A. Quintero, MD Geneva Center for Integrative Medicine, Swiss Clinics Medical Expert