Our Philosophy


“In a market overloaded with mediocre nutritional supplements,
Nutrilys Del Mar’s marine-based products rise high above the rest in quality, efficiency, and with respect to the environment.”

A. Quintero, MD Geneva Center for Integrative Medicine, Swiss Clinics Medical Expert


The benefits yielded from taking our supplements have been scientifically studied during rigorous clinical trials and are widely recognized by numerous experts within the scientific community world-wide.

Our team works in collaboration with many scientists and internationally renowned independent laboratories.

Nutrilys Del Mar’s goal is to utilize the ocean’s incredible richness while following a philosophy that advocates responsibility and sustainability.
Combining our work ethics, artisanal know-how and the latest technology has allowed Nutrilys Del Mar to bring you a line of supplements that have been very popular and successful in France.


Efficiency: Our products are the final result of great care in putting out the best products possible to the industry through many years of research and clinical trials.

Authenticity: Our dietary supplements are 100% natural, come from the best sources possible, and are submitted to the highest of environmental standards, assuring its superior quality.

Diligence: The Nutrilys Group is a conscientious team of professionals interested in doing their jobs with the highest of standards to be able to respond to the client’s needs.

Work Ethic: The Nutrilys Group puts emphasis on the quality of the products as well as respect to the environment.

The NUTRILYS Group has been dedicated to the preservation 
of marine life and biodiversity since 1995.