Strong, Healthy Hair & Nails… Naturally

Beautiful skin made possible by Nutrilys Del Mar

Do you have weak, brittle nails? Is your hair dull and prone to breakage? The quality of your hair and nails can reflect the state of your overall health. Shampoos, conditioners and nail creams work from the outside, and can only do so much. Our Premium Oyster Powder, on the other hand, works naturally from within and can provide your body with the building blocks for strong, healthy hair and nails.

Our Premium Oyster Powder may help fight:

• Weak, Brittle Nails
• Dull Hair
• Split Ends

Our Oyster Powder’s rich formulation of nutrients helps the body to maintain collagen levels and produce important structural proteins like keratin, both of which are needed for strong healthy hair and nails. Amongst other things Oyster Powder contains 19 amino acids like glutamaic acid, glycine and cysteine all of which are essential for beautiful, shiny hair and strong nails. Oysters are also a rich, natural source of zinc. Zinc has been used to help promote hair growth in a variety of different hair care products and formulations. Increasing the amount of bioavailable zinc in your body may help your hair to grow faster and longer.




Why choose Nutrilys Del Mar's Oyster Powder?

You might think that all oyster extracts are created equal, but they are not. Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder is the most concentrated oyster extract available on the market today. Our proprietary process uses oysters grown and harvested with care to ensure maximum nutrient content. We remove the glycogen starch that is found in many other oyster extracts leaving a pure, concentrated extract of active and beneficial ingredients. We never freeze dry our oysters, but instead carefully process them to avoid damaging or destroying essential nutrients.

Each bottle of Nutrilys Del Mar’s Oyster Powder contains:

• 59 Trace Elements including Zinc, Manganese, Selenium and More
• 12 Vitamins
• 19 Amino Acids including Taurine
• Essential Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA)


The rich nutrients and trace minerals found in our Premium Oyster Powder can help nourish your body while providing essential building blocks for healthy, shiny hair and strong nails. Plus since these nutrients come from a whole food source they will be 100% bio-available for maximum absorption and benefit. Get healthy, luxurious hair and strong nails with Premium Oyster Powder. Order today!

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