The Natural Way to Increase Desire and Enjoyment

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Do you want to increase your sexual desire and heighten your enjoyment of sex in general? If so, you might want to consider taking our Premium Oyster Powder. Oysters have been prized for centuries for their libido boosting properties. Plus they can provide your body with the whole food nutrition you need to feel your best.

Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder is considered to be the most potent and concentrated oyster powder on the market. Its trace minerals and nutrients may provide a variety of sexual health benefits for women including:

• Increased Sex Drive and Desire
• Boost Free Testosterone Levels for Good Sexual Health
• Prevent the Onset of Osteoporosis
• Fight Fatigue and Oxidative Stress




Why Choose Nutrilys Del Mar's Oyster Powder?

Our Premium Oyster Powder is made using a proprietary process that carefully extracts and concentrates the nutrients found within the oyster. Many commercial oyster extracts contain high levels of glycogen, but not ours. We remove the glycogen to create a concentrated, pure extract of the best nutrition each oyster contains. Inside each bottle of Premium Oyster Powder you will find:

Each bottle of Nutrilys Del Mar’s Oyster Powder contains:

• The Meat from More Than 60 Oysters
• 59 Trace Minerals including Organic Zinc
• 12 Vitamins
• 19 Amino Acids
• EPA and DHA (essential fatty acids)
• And More!


Each gram of oyster powder contains at least 3 mg of zinc which is believed to increase testosterone levels in both men and women which in turn heightens the sex drive and boosts desire. Increasing free testosterone levels in the blood promotes good sexual health.

Oysters have long been known for their sexual health benefits for women and our Premium Oyster Powder brings you the benefit of more than 60 oysters in just one bottle. A healthier body means a healthier sex life. Order today!

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