Improved Sexual Performance and Endurance… Naturally

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Do you want to enhance your performance and stamina in the bedroom? Do you want to increase your sex drive and desire? Forget prescription pills. Instead, turn to the power of the oyster, which has been used for centuries to boost desire and promote sexual health. There’s a reason that Casanova — who it’s said ate 50 oysters a day — still has a reputation for being a great lover more than 200 years after his death!

Our Premium Oyster Powder is a concentrated source of oyster nutrients and compounds and may carry a variety of benefits for men’s sexual health. Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder is considered to be the most potent and concentrated oyster powder on the market.

Unlike pills with no lasting health benefits, our Oyster Powder nourishes the body from within, providing essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Taken regularly, our Premium Oyster Powder can help promote

• Increased Free Testosterone Levels
• Increased Serm Production and Quality
• Good Prostate Health
• Reduction in Prostate Swelling
• Increased Sex Drive and Desire
• And More.




Why Choose Nutrilys Del Mar's Oyster Powder?

There are many different types of oyster extract available, but Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder is far more concentrated and pure than the other formulations you will find. We use a special proprietary process to concentrate oyster nutrition into a pure extract of active and beneficial ingredients. Our oysters are grown in clear, unpolluted Atlantic waters and are harvested during specific times of the year to ensure the best nutrient concentration for our Premium Oyster Powder. Each bottle contains the meat from 6 kg of fresh oysters.

Oysters contain a rich variety of trace minerals and vitamins that promote sexual health, including zinc. Each gram of powder contains at least 3 mg of zinc which has been known to increase testosterone levels and promote sexual health. Of all the organs in a man’s body, the prostate contains the highest levels of zinc. Each time you ejaculate you lose several milligrams of this important nutrient. The organic zinc found in our Premium Oyster Powder comes from a whole food source and is easy to digest and 100% bio-available.


Maintaining good sexual health is important at any age. Our Premium Oyster Powder promotes many sexual health benefits for men. Order today and discover the benefits of Casanova’s secret!

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