Want to Be a Dad? Boost Your Odds… Naturally

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Are you worried about low sperm count? Do you want to increase your fertility and heighten your sex drive, using a safe, natural supplement? The desire to increase fertility is a common concern among men around the world. Providing your body with a rich source of trace elements through our Premium Oyster Powder supplement pills give you the health boost you need to heighten your sex drive and increase your sperm quantity and quality.

Our Premium Oyster Powder can provide many fertility benefits for men, including:

• Promote Sexual Health
• Increase Desire
• Build Free Testosterone Levels in the Blood
• Support the Prostate
• Increase Sperm Production
• Combat Prostate Swelling, Low Sperm Count and Low Testosterone through Increased Zinc Levels
• Boosts Energy

Oysters are naturally high in zinc and its co-factors manganese, copper, strontium, silicon and selenium each balanced as Nature intended since our product comes from a natural food source. Our proprietary process allows us to concentrate the benefits of the oyster without damaging or destroying the vital nutrients.




Why Choose Nutrilys Del Mar's Oyster Powder Pills?

Our Premium Oyster Powder is a great value and a quality product. Each bottle contains the meat from more than 60 large, fresh oysters. Our price is certainly much lower than purchasing the equivalent in fresh oysters from the store. You might find other oyster extracts online and in health stores, but the quality is nowhere near the same.

Our Oyster Powder is created using a special process that removes the glycogen starch, a main component in other formulations, leaving a pure, concentrated extract that is packed with minerals and nutrients. Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder is far more concentrated than the other oyster extracts you will find.


Many of the nutrients found in this powder may hold sexual benefits for men, but the fertility powerhouse in oyster powder is the high level of organic zinc which can increase sperm production and promote prostate health. Men lose several milligrams of zinc each time they ejaculate and this zinc needs to be replaced. Each gram of Oyster Powder contains 3 mg of natural, bioavailable zinc.

If you are considering using oyster extract to increase your fertility, choose the formulation with the highest concentration available: Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder. Order now!

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