1. “In a market overloaded with mediocre nutritional supplements, Nutrilys Del Mar’s marine based products rise high above the rest in quality, efficiency and with respect to the environment.”
     A. Quintero, MD Geneva Center for Integrative Medicine, Swiss clinics Medical Expert
  2. “If you seek a substance which would help strengthen the immune system and natural defenses, Alkylglycerols are such a substance. Shark Liver Oil as a food supplement can be beneficial to all, whether taken for general health purposes or to impact a particular immunodeficiency. Its wonders are waiting for you to discover them!”
    — Professor Ingemar Joelsson, MD, PhD
  3. “I have been using Shark Liver Oil with cancer patients, with patients with chronic diseases, with all kinds of patients. The result has been remarkable because the patients’ quality of life improved immediately just 1-2 weeks after beginning Shark Liver Oil treatment.”
    — Dr. Hans Nieper, MD, PhD, world renowned cancerologist
  4. “Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder is by the best product of its kind on the market and the most potent. Its unique richness makes it a ‘must’ to increase energy levels and offset the symptoms of fatigue, improve sexual health, and maintain beautiful skin, hair, and nails. It really is the ‘caviar’ of shellfish extract!”
    — Dr. Stephen Kavanagh, PhD, Marine biologist and shellfish expert
  5. “Nutrilys Del Mar strikes such a delicate balance between artisanal techniques, latest technology, and environmental consciousness with the synergy coming out of it being unique marine-based supplements of great efficiency and quality far superior to its competition.”
    — Prof. Michael A. Crawford. Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition. Imperial College, London Historical pioneer on omega-3 research 



Real People. Real Results.

  1. “After three years of trying to get pregnant, I was starting to give up until I met Thierry Lerond who advised me to take a combination of Shark Liver Oil and Premium Oyster Powder twice daily. After three months, I became pregnant and am now expecting.”
    — Helene M.
  2. “I’ve been taking Nutricosmet as well as Shark Liver Oil for four months. I have four kids and a job, which is taxing. However, these products have given me so much energy that I even have enough energy left over to go to the gym! I feel like my body is finally cooperating and like I’m balanced in areas that might have been lacking before. I also give Shark Liver Oil to my 11-month-old to build up his immunity as well as help him detoxify after immunizations, not to mention all the toxins that are in everyday foods. I’ve noticed he hardly ever gets sick, and when he does, he bounces back so quickly. These are products that are safe and effective for the whole family.”
    — Brenda H.
  3. “As a professional as well as a mother of a 4-year-old, I have to wake up at 5 a.m. and was constantly tired. Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder has helped my energy levels tremendously. I’ve also noticed my nails don’t chip as much and my hair is a lot shinier. I like seeing such amazing results with a product that is very natural.”
    — Celine G.
  4. “Following multiple surgeries within 9 months for breast cancer reconstruction, I distinctively noticed how Nutrilys Del Mar’s Wild Organic Seaweed Fucorich helped with my digestive system after my last surgery. My previous surgeries left me with a sensitive stomach due to anesthesia and rounds of antibiotics. Incorporating Wild Organic Seaweed into my diet after my last operation improved my stomach and digestion issues tenfold. While I also noticed a boost in energy, other perks included stronger nails and more hydrated and supple skin from head to toe. This is one supplement I won’t stop taking.”
     C.M. Greene
  5. “I run a multi-faceted entertainment company. My grueling daily routine begins at 6 a.m. and goes until the early evening hours overseeing dozens of TV music composers around the globe. I have to make sure networks we compose for receive the right music for their shows on time. My job demands attention throughout the day. About a year ago, I discovered Nutrilys Del Mar’s products, and for the first time, I felt an immediate difference from nutritional supplements. Energy and focus were visibly enhanced. The most exciting thing about these products is that they are natural superfoods from the ocean. Now I recommend Nutrilys Del Mar supplements to all my friends.”
    — Josquin D.P.
  6. “Taking the products gave me a noticeable boost in my health and endurance. As a result, I was able to start working out again and lost 30 lbs. I no longer feel dead after working all day. Before, I would just want to veg out on the couch and watch TV when I got home. This helped me feel 10 years younger, and it shows. I tried other fish oil brands before but quit them without any results. I also feel better sexually, and my girlfriend couldn’t be happier! It also helped me professionally as a Licensed Electrical Contractor. I can keep up with the 20 year old kids on the job site again.”
    — John B.
  7. “Nutrilys Del Mar’s products speak of quality to me. Having surfed almost my entire life, I know the physical demands the ocean requires. I feel revitalized by Nutrilys Del Mar’s unique supplements and I know that these truly are the very best on the market.”
    — Sean Mattison, ISA World Gold Medal Coach and Surf Champion
  8. “I run a multi-faceted entertainment company. Our business ranges from music composing for film and TV to publishing and PR. Proper nutrition is paramount to my daily routine. Nutrilys Del Mar’s superfood natural fish oil supplements provide the nutrition that helps me stay focused through all these varied tasks.”
    — Jacques C.
  9. “As a regular user of Shark Liver Oil, I have noticed a significant improvement in my immune system, and it’s my number one defense against the flu and the common cold. I also feel good knowing that I’m taking a safe and natural supplement from a local company here in Carlsbad. After doing some research than talking with the owners of Nutrilys Del Mar, I feel confident that their supplements are the purist and best that money can buy.”
    — Ryan C.
  10. "I take the salmon oil, shark liver oil and premium oyster powder and it has done amazing things to my energy levels, mood, sleep and focus. I used to have to drink coffee throughout the day to keep going, but now I don't even think about it. I can focus easily and I feel great."
    — Comron
  11. "I have been working out at CrossFit for 3 years and I've noticed a huge difference to my endurance levels since I've been taking Nutrilys Del Mar's supplements. I recommend them to everyone at CrossFit."
    — Comron
  12. “My wife is pregnant with our first child and during the first few months of her pregnancy she tried a number of different products, but with no noticeable results. Then she tried Nutrilys Del Mar's sockeye salmon oil and within a few short weeks, she noticed a significant increase in how alert and energized she felt. I feel very confident that my wife and child are getting the essential nutrients they need! These are truly the highest quality products you can find!"
  13. "I have taken fish oil supplements in the past, but since I added Nutrilys Del Mar's sockeye salmon oil to my daily regimen and I can say with confidence that I actually feel a big difference. I work out 3 to 4 days a week and my joints used to feel stiff and occasionally sore, but after only a week of taking the wild sockeye salmon my joints feel great - very comfortable with no stiffness. Quality really does make a difference!"
    — C. Y.
  14. “I am the president of Le Mobile Remote Recording Studio. I been producing and engineering for more than three decades, during which time he has recorded and mixed some of the greatest talents in the music, television and movie industries. My reputation for pristine sound quality and world renowned level of expertise in the music recording industry, has allowed me to remain as one of the foremost sound engineers in the business. Each project demand to work long hour and combining with travel I need to be healthy as possible, My work demands attention throughout the day. I started to take the Nutrilys Del Mar Oyster and Shark oil and for the first time about a year ago. I felt an immediate difference from nutritional supplements. The most exciting this about these products is that they are natural super foods from the ocean. Now, I recommend supplements to all my friends.”
    — Guy C.

What people are saying about our Military Formula.

  1. “The divers overall have indicated that they feel less fatigue and more energy, not as cold and can dive longer.”
    — David A. Mascarenas, Sergeant II Squad Leader Instructor LAPD Underwater Dive Unit
  2. “Backed by more than 25 years of research and many clinical trials, NDM researchers have traversed the world from Alaska to Australia, Hawaii to Ireland and Sweden in search of the best ingredient in order to harvest them at the source and create the elite marine-based supplements.”
    — Professor J.C. Debouzy, MD, PhD, French Army Health Services General
  3. “Working with high drive Schutzhund performance dogs takes a great deal of mental and physical strength. Nutrilys Del Mar’s Military Formula increases my stamina and energy and keeps me focused when training these elite and powerful canines.”
    — David Greene, owner of Performance K9 Training and third place in the FMBB World Cup & World Championships 2012
  4. “Medical colleagues often ask me why I feel so strongly about recommending Military Formula. I tell them I think it would be unethical of me not to recommend it knowing what I know about the product and the science behind it.”
    — Quintero, MD, Geneva Center for Integrative Medicine, Swiss Clinics Medical Expert
  5. ''There are very few people who know and fully understand the needs and nutritional requirements of the Special Forces and Elite Troops. Thierry Lerond's expertise along with his Nutrilys Del Mar's Military Formula is one of them.''
    — Colonel G. Cheyrou-Lagreze