FAQs: General concerns

Are the Nutrilys Del Mar products free of heavy metals?

It is a misconception that fishes have important levels of heavy metals. Although it is true for some species of fish living in humanly polluted waters have higher than normal levels of mercury and other such compounds in their bodies, Nutrilys Del Mar guarantees that our products are free of hazardous levels of heavy metals.

Our Shark Liver Oil Ecomer® is made thanks to a patented process of fabrication and distillation. The end product is a pure and pristine shark liver oil, free of all types of heavy metals, pesticides, or preservatives.

Our other products, such as the Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, our Premium Oyster Powder are free of hazardous levels of metals. Those species live in the wild, in unpolluted areas and therefore possess infinitesimal levels of heavy metals. Moreover, our providers conduct regular analyses on their products maintaining the excellent quality of their sockeye salmon oil and oyster powder.

Sustainable Sources And Environmentaly Friendly

The Nutrilys group has been dedicated to the preservation of marine life and biodiversity since 1995. Our catching methods do not endanger other animals (dolphins, turtles, seals, sea birds, etc.) and all landings are controlled by the competent authorities to ensure that the fishing meets the United Nations and European Union norms for reasonable and sustainable fisheries.

The harvesting of liver oil from deep and cold water sharks is done with respect for nature. When caught for commercial meat consumption, the liver of the shark is considered a waste product and tossed away. Nutrilys Del Mar steps into the spotlight and addresses this wastefulness by utilizing the liver to produce its premium shark liver oil softgels.

Our pure Shark Liver Oil, derived from sustainable sources, is produced exclusively from fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean territory of the EU, not from endangered species mentioned in appendices 1-3 of the CITES Convention with Regulation Council (EC) 338/97 and (EC) 407/2009, or on the IUCN Red list.

Nutrilys Del Mar ensures an exclusive use of livers of abundant and hearty deep-sea sharks showing no signs of endangerment (IUCN/CITES. 2011).

Our Patented Process For Purity: How Alkylglycerols Are Refined From Shark Liver Oil

Following is the step-by-step procedure of how shark liver oil is processed to obtain quality Alkylglycerols:

Step 1: The oil from the shark is distilled. Distillation requires high temperatures and special apparatuses.

Step 2: The first distillate (the liquid recovered from the still) is separated into layers. The light top layer is removed for further processing, and the lower, heavy layer is discarded.

Step 3: The crude preparation of oil is washed with steam for one hour.

Step 4: The washed oil is now washed a second time with an alkali solution. This process removes all then unreacted fatty acids in the oil.

Step 5: Impurities, including heavy metals, are removed.

Step 6: The materiel is washed with steam. This washing removes oxidized products.

Step 7: Alkylglycerols are recovered.

This is a long, detailed, complex procedure, but it ensures a perfect product with no impurities. Each step is monitored to make sure the process is complete. After the final product is obtained, the next step is to encapsulate the oil so it stays pure. Fish gelatin capsules are used to exclude air and to make the capsule easily digestible. Capsules containing 500 mg of shark liver oil are the standard preparation.

Is Nutrilys Del Mar’s Premium Oyster Powder really that unique in the world?

Yes. Nutrilys Del Mar Premium Oyster Powder is unique in the world for several reasons.

It is unique because of its proven energy booster effect. It is also unique because its patented fabrication process includes all of the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements of the marine plasma. Moreover, our premium oyster powder brings you 3 to 4 mg of zinc and its co-factors in every capsule.

Cultivated with great care and artisanal knowledge, our oysters are grown and harvested far away from industrial zones, in unpolluted waters. The result is an oyster pure, free of heavy metals, and of pesticides.

Why is zinc such an important trace element in the Nutrilys Del Mar Premium Oyster Powder?

Because zinc is a central aspect of more than 200 reactions in the human body. Zinc helps to protect our skin by promoting the production of collagen; it helps with children in the growing process; it fosters a good and balanced sexual health; fortifies memory; and stimulates our immune system. Because it metabolizes vitamin A and helps the eye cells functioning correctly, Zinc is an essential element to achieve a good and healthy eyesight.

Incredibly, we estimate that almost 80% of the general population has deficient levels of zinc.

Why is Nutrilys Del Mar Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil unique?

Nutrilys Del Mar Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil is unique because it is 100% natural, pure, non-distilled, non-synthesized and completely bio- available. Nutrilys Del Mar Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil is also certified by the Marine Stewardship council (MSC) and by NSF International to be free of hazardous levels of heavy metals, or pesticides.

Why is Nutrilys Del Mar Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil so good for you?

This oil is good for your body because of everything it contains:

- Astaxanthin: a very powerful antioxidant

- Omega fatty acids: more than just omega-3s (EPA and DHA), our wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil possesses more than 30 fatty acids, including omega3-9,  as well as vitamin A and D3.

- Arachidonic acid: an compound important during pregnancies and for the development of babies.

Can I take Nutrilys Del Mar Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil while pregnant?

Yes. It is safe for you and your baby to take our wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil regularly during pregnancy and after the birth.

The oil is free of hazardous levels of heavy metals, possesses arachidonic acid and its co-factors, as well as omega fatty acids so important for the neurological health of mommies and babies.

An adequate amount of omega-3s in the body could help mothers prevent complications during pregnancy and help to assuage post partum depression symptoms.

Is it safe for me to give Nutrilys Del Mar Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil to my kids?

Yes, unless otherwise prescribed by your medical practitioner, it is perfectly safe to give Nutrilys Del Mar Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil to kids. Of course, dosage needs to be adapted to the age and need of the child.

Taking our products. Can I take more than one product at a time?

Our products are complementary! In fact, we believe that it is preferable that you take our products together. Our products function in synergy, and taken together the benefits you will reap from them will be better than taken apart.

Can I take your products over a long period of time?

Yes, there are no counter indication or secondary effects to ingesting our products. As such, the dosage on our products is a mere recommendation and can be adapted to your diet or specific needs.

Can I do more than one course of treatment a year?

Yes. You can use our products daily over a long period of time to maintain the benefits our products provide or as a course of treatment if you feel the need of a boost.

Can I complement taking your products with others, medically prescribed or not?

Yes. All of our products can be ingested as a complement to a medical treatment. To this day, we have yet to hear of a treatment, medically prescribed or not, that is indicating otherwise.

Although it is safe for their use, persons taking anticoagulants should ingest smaller doses.