Our History


The Nutrilys Group established its roots in France in 1986. Thierry Lerond, a trained rehabilitation specialist serving in the 13 RDP, (13 eme Regiment de Dragons Parachutistes, a very elite regiment of the French Airborne Special Forces) began researching methods to help his patients heal more quickly in addition to preventing future injuries.

As a Health Practitioner, Thierry utilized several avant-guardist techniques to help re-educate at least eight hundred elite soldiers that came to him for treatment. << I was proud to serve my Country applying my skills and expertise to help the soldiers to heal more efficiently from their injuries and pain so that they were able to return to their delicate missions strong and in good health >> 1986-1994.


After years of personal research, attending many congresses, and conferences, Thierry knew that the correct nutritional balance could not only help during recovery but also help with the prevention of injuries as well.

Thierry soon became a pioneer of nutriprevention and developed great expertise concerning the benefits of marine-based products. Not being content with only lab research, Thierry began to travel the world to study his passion at the source.
Over the years Thierry's dedication, knowledge, and expertise have gained him many accolades in the scientific community.

Thierry Lerond (second from the right) has lectured world wide along with Professor Michael Crawford, Imperial College, London (seated), and also along with Professor Gilles Boeuf, President of the Natural History Museum in Paris (second from the left). 


Once a therapist, scientist, and explorer, Thierry Lerond became an entrepreneur in 1995 when he founded Nutrilys, dedicated to highly superior and effective marine-based products, backed with research and studies.

Today Nutrilys has been recognized for its benefits and has been utilized by hundreds of thousands of people in France (www.nutrilys.com).

Over the years Nutrilys and Thierry Lerond have done many pilot studies with the French Armed Forces scientifically studying the effects of marine-based supplements. After Tokyo, Melbourne, and London, Thierry Lerond was invited to speak in Washington DC at Walter Reed Medical Center, Bethesda, MD for NATO Operations Medical Conference on the benefits of fish oils for Military Personnel: 
<< Human Factors and Physical Health: Nutritional Shield for the Warfighter: Why Fish Oils Enhance Sress Resilience, Wellness and Military Performance.>>  

- In 2011, Thierry Lerond began a new venture bringing his successful line of marine-based products to the US.
The name of his new company is Nutrilys At Del Mar, Inc. located in Carlsbad, CA.

- On January 19-22, 2012: Exhibition at Scripps Health <<9th Annual Natural Supplements: an Evidence-Based Update>> in San Diego, CA.

- On February 1-2, 2012: Nutrilys Del Mar exhibited at Marine West Military Expo, Camp Pendleton, CA introducing Military Formula Program for Military Personnel, Elite Troops, Marine Corps and Special Forces. 

- On February 22, 2012: Nutrilys Del Mar Sponsor at the 9th Annual Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, in Hollywood, CA introducing its Wild Organic Seaweed Fucorich®-Fucoidan.

- On August 2013, Thierry Lerond Founder of Nutrilys Del Mar, embarks on his second 7-day scientific cruise in Southeast Alaska. An important venture, Lerond was there to oversee the harvesting for one of his leading products, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil.

“I went on location to check in with our fishermen, the quality of the fish, and the production of our unique salmon oil,” says Lerond. “I’m happy to report that our Wild Sockeye Salmon Oil is still sustainable, the best salmon species for our quality and potency, and remains the crème de la crème for our special clientele.”

- Nutrilys Del Mar supports, sponsors and coaches LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT Underwater Dive Unit (LAPD UDU).

- Nutrilys Del Mar supports and sponsors the LAPD Surf Team USA.

''NUTRILYS DEL MAR strikes such a delicate balance between artisanal techniques, latest technology, and environmental consciousness with the synergy resulting in unique marine-based supplements of great efficiency and quality far superior to its competition."

 Prof. Michael A.Crawford Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition. Imperial College, London
A historical pioneer on omega-3 research http:/www.motherandchildfoundation.org