Our Expertise


"Backed by more than 20 years of research and many clinical trials,
Nutrilys Del Mar's researchers have traveled the world
from Alaska to Australia, Hawaii to Ireland and Sweden
in search of the best ingredients in order to harvest them at the source
and create the elite of marine-based supplements."
Professor JC Debouzy, MD, PhD, French Army Health Services General

- Lerond T. Nutrilys Del Mar's CEO & Managing Director., NUTRILYS DEL MAR'S Ecomer® Shark Liver Oil presented at NATO Operations Medical Conference, «Nutritional Shield for the Warfighter : Why Alkylglycerols Enhance Stress Resilience, Wellness and Military Performance?». October 2011

- «A Celebration of DHA-Discovery, Achievement and Challenges for Global Health 40 Years On», Royal Society of Medicine, London.The Nutrilys Group Silver Sponsor and Lerond T. Organizer. May 2010

- NUTRILYS goes to Alaska in search of the finest Wild Salmon Oil in the world. www.nutrilys.com. August 2009

- Lerond T., «Antioxidant and Anti-fatigue Effects of Pure Oyster Extract, Zinc and Co-factors», Seafood and Health Conference, Tokyo, Japan. 2005

Our Studies

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